Costume Commissions

Cosplayers have many choices for how and where to get their costumes.  Those who would rather buy than learn to make have so many options, which is the right one?

Commissions have a lot of advantages over point-and-click purchasing from overseas bootleg websites.


Why Commission?


"Custom Fit" really means custom-fit

Most bootleggers don’t actually custom build any costumes from scratch, they simply choose a pre-made costume that matches some but not all of the buyer’s provided measurements. A commissioner genuinely works from your measurements and builds you a costume meant to fit you exactly.


Higher Material Quality

Commissioners can choose to use better fabrics rather than the cheap, flimsy polyester materials that mass produced costumes contain. Higher quality materials mean longer-lasting costumes you can wear again and again – and wash without fearing that the fabric may tear or bleed.


Customer Service is fast and easy

When buying from a mass-producer overseas, if you need to return or exchange your costume, there is no guarantee you will ever get satisfaction.  It takes time for international shipments and your order can often get caught up in customs.  Or, the company could refuse requests for repairs and refunds. A good commissioner will stand by their work, and repair or replace it if something has gone wrong.


Competitively Priced

The price point isn’t drastically different between a commissioned costume from Strange Land Costuming and an oversees bootleg, especially when shipping is added.  Gone are the days of $50 costumes, even throwaway Halloween costumes are $65-100 now. Shopping around will find that a commissioner may only be charging $50 over the bootleg sites, not $200 or more.


Any Costume! No Matter How Rare

That rare costume you want? You can actually get it. Mass-producers may carry one default costume for a character but not the five other costumes they wear over the course of the series. If you want a costume that no overseas bootleg company carries, you have to either make it yourself or have it commissioned.


SLC would love to be your commissioner of choice, and can promise you:

  • Attention to detail and complete accuracy within human parameters. We can’t change the laws of physics, but we can guarantee that we will not miss the extra seams or forget the trim and buttons.
  • Quality fabric choices, using primarily natural fibers wherever possible. We want your costume to last for several years and be washable and comfortable. We will also take any material allergies into account.
  • The correct fit the first time.  We stand by our work, and if mistakes are made we will re-tailor a costume to your satisfaction, but we strive to get it right the first time.
  • Expert knowledge of all construction techniques and options. With more than 16 years of sewing and tailoring experience, we understand garments and provide the right choices to create accurate, comfortable, and quality costumes.
  • Top-notch customer service.  We do alterations and repairs, we provide instructions for how to put on your costume and how to wash it, and we offer discounts to repeat customers in good standing. We will talk with you through the negotiation process and make sure you fully understand our policies before ever signing a contract.
  • Reasonable prices.  We will provide honest and accurate estimations for materials costs and work to balance your budget with the size and scope of the project requested.
  • 100% judgment free zone!  We provide costumes for all shapes and sizes, and do not discriminate based on age, race, weight, gender identification, crossplay needs, or any other factor.  We believe all people can be beautiful in the right costume, and want to provide you that costume.

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