Custom Embroidery


Strange Land Costuming is able to provide custom short-run embroidery services. Embroidery can be added to any costume or garment commission, or purchased on its own!


Available on Request

  • Custom patches
  • Embroidered Trim by the foot
  • Embroidered logo shirts
  • Fun fandom items!

How to Order

Requesting custom embroidery is similar to requesting a full costume. (If the embroidery will be part of a costume being purchased through Strange Land Costuming please use the custom costume ordering process.)


  1. Request the embroidery by contacting Strange Land Costuming directly.
    • Be sure to include:
      • Image of the embroidery (higher quality images can more quickly turned into an embroidery file, which will save you money)
      • Size of finished piece
      • Requested by date
  2. Strange Land Costuming will review the request and contact you to confirm.
  3. We will create the embroidery file and send an image of the final embroidery along with final price (including art fee and stitch count).
  4. Once payment is received, Strange Land Costuming will create the embroidery and mail it out.



Custom embroidery is priced based on the amount of time required to create the embroidery file (Art Fee) and the number of stitches that go into each embroidery. Final cost is calculated after the art is created and the stitch count is known. You will not be charged for the art if you decide not to continue with the project.


Stitch counts:

  • $8 for the first 5,000 stitches
  • $2 for each 1,000 stitches over the first 5,000


Art Fee:

  • $18 per hour
  • The art fee may be waived in the following circumstances:
    • Embroidery is part of a larger costume commission order
    • Embroidery file takes less than 15 minutes to create
    • Strange Land Costuming plans to make the new file part of standard stock



  • One 5,000 stitch project that took 30 minutes to create the file. Finished price: $17.50 ($8 + $9.50)
  • Two 5,000 stitch patches based on the same art that took 30 minutes to create. Finished price: $23.50 ($8 + $8 + $9.50)
  • One 6,000 stitch project that took under 15 minutes to create the file. Finished price: $10 ($8 + $2 + $0)


Strange Land Costuming is a smoke-free work environment. Please inform us if you have allergies to cat hair.

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