How to Order

Strange Land Costuming is primarily a commission service. You pay for the labor put into the project, not the completed costume. All orders begin with a negotiation period in which you may specify exactly what you’re looking for.


If you have never looked into commissions before, please take a moment to read Eriol’s List of Do's and Don'ts for buyers and sellers of commision work (Reposted with permission). It has a lot of information to help those unfamiliar with the process of hiring a commissioner.



The Ordering Process - COMMISSIONS


The process of hiring involves three steps:


  1. Contract negotiation and signing
  2. Taking of measurements
  3. Paying the deposit


Upon agreeing to hire for a commission, you will be emailed a contract specific to your project outlining exactly what will be made and what you agree to pay for, along with deadlines and penalties for either party not fulfilling their end of the deal. The contract must be either e-signed and emailed back or printed, signed, and snail-mailed to the address on the contract.


Before being placed in queue, you must also submit a measurement form (which will be emailed to you with the contract), and a deposit covering the approximate value of materials.


NEW POLICY: SLC will not nag potential clients for their information. We will send a contract and measurements sheet only once. If the contract is not returned, signed, within 14 days of being sent, your commission will not be scheduled. If no measurements or deposit are received within 14 days of receipt of the contract, and no attempt to contact SLC to ask for assistance has been made, the contract will be automatically cancelled. You are welcome to resubmit the request but we may not be able to honor your original deadline at that time. SLC will not continually email to ask you for your contract or if you are still interested.


If you are commissioning a replica costume (movie/live-action, animated, video game, etc), please send reference pictures during the negotiation phase. The more references the better. I prefer official source pictures - promotional photos, movie posters, screencaps, comic/manga pages, etc. Please do not send fan art or photos of other comissioners' products. Fan art may not be accurate and I do not wish to rip off other commissioners by using their photos.




Most commissions are priced to include materials purchase.


Total cost of the finished project is materials cost plus labor. In cases where the fabric is provided by the customer, the charge will simply be for labor and any additional costs incurred.


The labor rate is $18 per hour spent working exclusively on your commission. Research may or may not be included in the hourly rate, depending on how much research is required to draft a replica. Hand-sewing is pro-rated by complexity. Sales tax must be added to all orders within the state of Wisconsin.


Repeat customers in good standing with Strange Land Costuming eligible for discounts on labor. SLC will negotiate discounts directly.





Payment is accepted by Paypal, personal check or money order. Orders paid by credit card through PayPal will be subject to a 3% fee to cover PayPal fees. Secure Paypal address is available solely through private correspondence at the time of payment. Check/money orders must be made to Stacey Feldmann and mailed to the address on your contract/invoice. Balances not received within an arrangement specified in the signed contract will be subject to legal recourse.



Inquiries and Negotiations


All inquiries and negotiations should be sent to


Please note that questions or discussions taking place via Facebook, instant message or private messageboard messages will not be considered official negotiations. You may back out of negotiations at any time up until a contract is signed and received by me.



Cancellation Policy


Strange Land Costuming reserves the right to cancel any contracts up until a deposit is received. Contracts will be canceled if no measurements or deposits are submitted within 14 days of receipt of contract. Contract plus deposit will be considered a final agreement on the commission and will be honored.


The customer may cancel a contract anytime before a deposit has been sent. In most cases deposits are non-refundable once materials have been purchased. We understand emergency situations and will work with you to resolve problems to our mutual benefit.





Masquerades and costume contests held at conventions usually have a rule (explicit or implied) that you cannot enter someone else’s work and claim it as your own. All contracts with Strange Land Costuming will contain a stipulation that you will not enter my work in any contests where entering a commission is prohibited. While we can't legally stop you from lying to the judges and doing it anyway, these things usually get found out and reflects badly on you. If it is discovered that the contract has been violated, any future commissions will not be accepted from the same customer.


International customers are responsible for their own country's tariffs, border tax, and custom fees.


Regarding licensed replicas: Because Museum Replicas owns the license to a number of media franchises, including Star Wars and Harry Potter, I cannot legally reproduce and sell their costumes. Please check their site to see if the specific item you want is already licensed and being produced; if not, I can surely help you!





Strange Land Costuming strives to be casual, flexible, and understanding. Feel free to ask anything at any time, including updates on progress, fabric choices, etc.


Please read the FAQ before sending email, in case your question has already been answered there.


Strange Land Costuming is a smoke-free work environment. Please inform us if you have allergies to cat hair.

Disclaimer: All media properties are trademark and copyright of their respective license holders. Resemblance to their designs is coincidental, and no attempt is being made from this site to profit off copyrighted names.

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