Personal Gallery - Live-Action Replicas and Original Designs

My first costuming experience was in replicating costumes seen on screen. Choosing to make my own Jedi robe in 1999 was what launched me into the world of replica costuming. Over time I have discovered the range of possibilities that exist for making and modeling costumes, including original designs.


Thunderstorm - Original Design


  • Excellence in Design and Presentation - Costume-Con 28

Nini "Legs-in-the-air" - Moulin Rouge


  • Best in Class Journeyman - Convergence 2002

Luminara Unduli - Star Wars: Episode 2


  • Judge's Award - FilmCon 2003
  • Workmanship Award - Convergence 2003

Jedi - Star Wars


  • Best in Class - Novice - Convergence 2001
  • Workmanship Medal - Convergence 2001

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