Tailoring Services, Alterations, and Custom Work (local)

Strange Land Sewing is the local tailoring and alterations service for SLC. Any and all basic alterations and sewing work that needs to be done, even (and especially) non-costume-related, can be done for local customers in the South-central Wisconsin area only. Shirt tailoring, pants hemming, repairs, and even some custom garment sewing, and that's just the start. Basic information follows:



Alterations such as pants hemming, simple refitting, and repairs will be done at a rate of $15/hour, billed on the half hour, with a minimum of $20 per order. More complicated tailoring requiring the disassembly of a garment for repair or tailoring will be charged the same and billed on the quarter hour with a minimum of $25 per order.

Full custom garment construction will be charged the same as costume construction: labor rate of $15/hour, plus all materials costs. If you provide your own materials and patterns, then the charge will be labor-only.


All transactions done within the state of Wisconsin may be subject to a 5% sales tax.


Contact Information

Strange Land is available for drop-off of items and appointments for tailoring and fittings between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Please call ahead to arrange an appointment, even for a drop-off, to obtain location information and directions. SLC is a home business based in Madison, Wisconsin, and as such, will only give out resident addresses over the phone. Measurements can be taken on-site during the same hours or by special appointment.


Strange Land Phone: (608) 243-1040, contact Stacey Lee.


Other times for fittings and measurements may be arranged outside the normal hours; call to make arrangements. SLC reserves the right to be on vacation without prior warning.

Strange Land Costuming is a smoke-free work environment. Please inform us if you have allergies to cat hair.

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