Personal Gallery - Video Game Replicas

The ever-changing quality of video game graphics has taken characters from mere 8-bit sprites to fully fleshed out 3D models with textures so high-definition that you can tell leather from linen. I've separated out this gallery because I feel that video games are the in-between realm combining the challenges of both live-action replica and animated cosplay. And, perhaps, also because I have so many of these kinds of costumes that the galleries just got so full!


Sima Zhao - Dynasty Warriors 7


  • Best in Show Workmanship - Costume-Con 31

Ferid Egan - Suikoden V


  • Best in Show - Convergence 2009

Geddoe - Suikoden III


  • Hall costume award - Archon 2008

Sasarai (Bishop Uniform) - Suikoden II/III


  • Best Extrapolation from a Single Source - Costume-Con 27
  • Best Punchline - Costume-Con 27

Jacques - Suikoden III

Hero "Lazlo" - Suikoden IV


  • Hall Costume award - Costume-Con 25

Helena (Black Variant) - Dead or Alive 3

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